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Virtex Arena App lets you play AR Games at Sporting Events

Just came across Virtex Arena. The idea of this app is really cool. Users can compete in augmented reality events, which the first one is the Super Bowl 2018 that kicks off on February 4th, 2018.

You can play this game when attending the stadium yourself or when watching at home on your television. The game will take place in the middle of the stadium during half-time or other breaks in the game.

If you plan to attend the championship football game in Minneapolis at the Virtex Arena Event, this is your chance to try this app out.

Expect something like this! (a video by Virtex)

From my understanding, there will be other events, but the one on February 4th is the very first Virtex Arena event. This is the best time to launch the app, in the Super Bowl LII that will take place in the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Players can start practicing the two game modes beforehand to learn the game rules and get ready for the real competition when it’s started.

I assume that there will be different game modes for different events, but I am not sure. Right now, we are talking about two Football game modes: Pass the ball, and Kick the ball.

When the game starts, you have to choose to join either the Red or Blue team. I guess that people will choose it based on real teams that compete in the actual event.

Kickball game mode
In the Kick game mode, you have to swipe and land balls into circles that are spread across the stadium. Both the red and blue teams fight for domination in each of those circles. The team that was able to control more circle areas with their color wins the match.

Pass ball game mode
The second mode is a ball passing game. There are blue and red players running in the stadium. You need to pass the ball so it lands in the hands of the team you belong to. So if you are on the red team, you need to throw the ball to the red player’s hands. If the ball accidentally lands in a blue player’s hand you lose points for your team. The team that has the most points per player wins.

Me practicing my great passing and kicking skills 🙂

I really like this idea, and although I personally can’t attend the event, I am looking forward to some footage to see how it plays in a big stadium. I think this is a great experience that can help push AR forward and what’s better than playing a multiplayer game with thousands of other people playing at the same exact game with you in real time.

Download the app from the App Store here.

What do you guys think about this idea?