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5 Applications of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented reality works as an effective way to keep users hooked to something for a long time. The inherently immersive nature of the tech enables the creators to get user’s attention instantly and keep them hooked on the app. This advantage of augmented reality can be used to transit users from one stage of buyer funnel to another, entertain them, advertise strategically etc.

For instance, at the Super Bowl this year, Virtex Apps debuted Virtex Arena, an augmented reality mobile app that allows fans to compete against each other during downtime at live sporting events. Most people own smartphones these days, and Virtex Apps decided to capitalize on this by creating an app that opens the doors for brand new fan engagement and marketing opportunities.

Virtex Arena features two mini-games, which consists of a kicking game and passing game for the football version. Fans compete from their seats and the app adjusts according to their spot in the stadium. The games progress throughout the sporting event, tracking team scores and giving engaged fans a stake in the outcome.

Virtex Arena also unleashes a new world of sponsorship and marketing opportunities. Brands can put their logo in front of thousands of fans; on virtual banners, helmets, cleats, or even the field of play. Soon to come is a baseball version of the app, just in time for the start of the regular season this year.