Press Clipping
Virtex Area for Android expands from soccer to baseball

The programmers at Virtex Arena Apps have announced that they will take their football experience to baseball, making it available on the Google Play Store. For those who are not aware, the team revealed for the first time the Virtex Arena as a way for true sports fans to engage in AR games during broadcasts in professional games. In fact, players will start using the application to have fun in team games, and enjoy against opponents.

Now the idea is for players to feel that baseball can also be suitable for a unique experience. To download the application is totally free and the soccer version allows you to interact with smartphones of other players. This allows virtual pitches and capture unique virtual plays using the field representation of athletes. The Virtex Arena Apps also offers a tool to promote the sponsors, namely banners and virtual signals that reflect your brand.

There is still no official date for the launch of Virtex Apps for the world of baseball. But for now, you can experience the world of football.