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The AR game you enjoy while watching baseball, the key is "game change time"

The AR application " Virtex Arena " was made for when the sports game was interrupted. While the game is stopped, users can project 3D video to the match venue and watch from the audience seats. The American football version was released at the Super Bowl in February 2018, but this time the developer aims at the baseball version of the application. (It is time to control time with a timer to hurry the change at the baseball game venue.App is aimed at this time)

Jeff Green, developer and CEO of the application, said, "Unlike American Foot, where you can have time anytime, there is a fixed interruption time for baseball to change in three outs, so I think that this application is familiar." I am talking.

Speaking at the time of the interruption, the extent to see the Twitter and sports channels special. It is this time that the application aims.

The audience watches the virtual players who play at the actual match venue through the screen of their mobile device at the game suspension time. As baseball has at least 17 times of defensive changeover time, you can enjoy the app altogether.

AR to make watching sports fun

Mr. Green's goal is to obtain the right from the MLB and use the name of the actual team in the application. Currently I use the name of the team such as "Red", "Blue", but say that I will be able to enjoy more realistically.

Also, if MLB buys this application, I'm thinking of projecting images on a large screen. With large screens, the audience will be united and you can appreciate the screen image.

"This application attracts the attention of 20,000 spectators in the stadium and you can see the state of the game." "The goal is to create something that the audience will enjoy, I'd like to make it something of a type. "Mr. Green talks like this.

For this MLB season, each stadium version such as New York, Boston, etc. has been developed, and other ballparks are scheduled to be added sequentially.

The use of AR to sports watching is being promoted in various sports such as rugby and golf elsewhere.