Press Clipping
MLB, an AR application "Virtex Arena" that you can enjoy on baseball game interruption

The AR application "Virtex Arena" was created to allow users to enjoy 3D images on the match venue and enjoy them from the audience seats, such as when sports games are suspended.

It was released at the American Football Tournament Super Bowl held in February 2018, but this time it is a baseball version of the application.

Jeff Green, founder and developer, says, "Although I can take time any time at American football, baseball has a fixed interruption time of three outs, I believe this app is right for me." There.

In the 9 inning baseball game, there is at least 17 fixed times of defense change and spectators can watch the virtual players to play at the actual match venue through their own smartphones and enjoy it.

Currently it is the same application that uses team names such as red and blue, but Mr. Green's goal is to get the right to use team name and logo from MLB and use it inside the application.

"The main goal is to create something that the audience enjoy, and if possible we would like to make it audience participatory," he said.

This application models the stadiums of New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, St. Louis, but it will be added sequentially as the season progresses.