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Virtex Arena Releases Augmented Reality App, Just in Time for Baseball Showdowns

Virtex Arena has just released its latest augmented reality sports app, this time for baseball. The season is just kicking off, and several major games will guide the app’s first months.

“We’ve chosen some of the most popular, high-energy rivalries for our app’s debut,” says Virtex CEO Jeff Green. The Virtex Arena Baseball app is available via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Virtex Arena Baseball’s Big Games:

Giants vs. Dodgers: 4/27-4/28 @ AT&T Park (SF)
A’s vs. Orioles: 5/4 @ Oakland Coliseum (Oakland)
Yankees vs. Red Sox: 5/8 @ Yankee Stadium (NY)
Cubs vs. White Sox: 5/11 @ Wrigley Field (Chicago)

Here’s how Virtex works. In between innings, a virtual game appears in the middle of the field, and fans use their own phones to see and interact with the scene. “If you’re at the ballpark, you hold up your phone and see the event from your perspective. The view from behind home plate is different from the view at first base, as though the virtual players were actually in the real space before you,” explains Green. Real-time adjustments give different perspectives on AR characters and games on the field.

Baseball has a built-in cadence with downtimes that offer the perfect opportunity for AR games between innings. “Virtex gets viewers involved in a much more active, personal way,” explains Green. “They can feel more directly connected to what just happened or what’s about to happen on the diamond.” That involvement feels all the more potent when your team is playing its main rival.

Virtex is creating apps tailored to major league ballparks across the country, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Virtex looks to partner with teams and sponsors to attract a wide audience, enabling thousands of people to participate in an event that can only happen at the stadium.

About Virtex Apps LLC
Virtex Apps created Virtex Arena, a mobile app enabling fans at sporting events and concerts to compete in stadium-wide augmented reality experiences. During half-time or other breaks in the event, a new virtual competition is started which fans can see on the field/court/stage with their own phones or tablets. Audience members all see and interact with the same virtual scene at the same time but from their own perspectives, as though the events were actually happening on the field.

Fans are actively engaged with the experience, making it an ideal way for sponsors to reach their audience. Virtual signs and objects can be displayed in the background of every scene. Sponsored 3D characters can appear, and entire games can revolve around a sponsor’s assets. Individuals and whole sections can even win real-world sponsored prizes. The virtual world offers unlimited ways to make a lasting impression.

Teams benefit by engaging their fans through an innovative experience that can only occur at a stadium. Sponsors benefit by reaching a large audience in a memorable, buzzworthy way. And fans benefit with a new way to have fun during the downtime of an event, including a chance to win real-world prizes. Everyone benefits by augmenting an event with Virtex Arena.