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This Week In VR Sport: Baseball, More Baseball And The Future Of Sports Coverage

Virtex Apps have released released their mobile AR app Virtex Arena Baseball this week bringing the field of live baseball games to life with mini-games. Tailored for fans who are in the seats of a stadium and designed to be played between innings and other breaks, players will find plenty to do within the Virtex Arena Baseball app.

The app puts players against other fans in the stadium or those at home, allowing them to compete for the highest score in AR mini-games. When the time is right users can open the app, pick a team to support and then which game to join. From there it is all about playing the experience as best you can to ensure you bring home those points.

Some of the upcoming games that the Virtex Arena Baseball app with be able to be used at including the A’s vs. Orioles at the Oakland Coliseum on 4th May. The Yankees vs. the Red Sox at the Yankee Stadium on the 8th May and the Cubs vs. the White Sox at Wrigley Field on the 11th May. More dates and supported games will be announced as the season progresses.

The Virtex Arena Baseball app is available now for both iOS and Android devices that support AR. You can see the title in action in the below trailer.