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Virtex Arena bring AR to Baseball

After the success of the AR football app, Virtex Arena has released an augmented reality app that is designed to turn the breaks in sporting events into a fun and interactive experience for the audience. The football version of this game was launched during Super Bowl this year and according to the founder of the app Jeff Green the football version was released to create interests.

As compared to football, this app is more suitable for Baseball because of the properly structured breaks. According to Green, “There is a natural cadence of the game present in baseball that is different from football… Everyone knows that after three outs there will be a break in the game. In football a timeout could be called at anytime. For baseball there are a lot of structured breaks so I think it will be a natural fit.”

How Virtex Works
In between innings a virtual game appears in the middle of the field and the audience uses their phone to interact with the scene. “If you’re at the ballpark, you hold up your phone and see the event from your perspective. The view from behind home plate is different from the view at first base, as though the virtual players were actually in the real space before you,” explains Green. Real time adjustments offers a lot of opportunities and different perspectives to the fans to enjoy the game in a more interactive and personal way.

Virtex Arena Baseball Big Games
The Virtex Arena Baseball app will debut during major games which are very popular and have a high energy rivalries quotient. The app currently includes the following games:

Giants vs. Dodgers: 4/27-4/28 @ AT&T Park (SF)
A’s vs. Orioles: 5/4 @ Oakland Coliseum (Oakland)
Yankees vs. Red Sox: 5/8 @ Yankee Stadium (NY)
Cubs vs. White Sox: 5/11 @ Wrigley Field (Chicago)

Virtex Arena has their eyes on bigger goals. They are working on creating apps that are tailored for major league ball parks. It looking for collaboration with sponsors and teams that will attract a greater audience so a much larger number of people can enjoy the game happening in the stadium.

The Virtex Arena Baseball app is available via the Apple Store and Google Play.